Apostle Islands

Every year we make the trip to Madeline Island, a part of the Apostle Islands located in Lake Superior. My friend has a house there and we love to get the crew together to catch up and relax. Every part of the island is so beautiful, even the ferry to get there!


The second we were unpacked, we ran to jump in the lake. I'm not going to lie, Lake Superior is freezing and definitely not the place to take a quick, relaxing dip. Even in the middle of August.


The best part of Madeline Island is being able to bring Goose! We do not take many trips that we are able to bring him on, so getting to have him with us on vacation is always so fun. Goose made lots of friends on the island as well as lots of enemies (golfers don't love when Golden Retrievers interrupt their game).


If you visit Madeline Island, it's imperative that you visit Big Bay Statel Park to do a little cliff jumping. The cliffs are the perfect height and hitting the freezing water only heightens your adrenaline rush. It always takes me a few tries to convince myself to make the first leap, but after the first one of the season there is no turning back!

We love to grab dinner and drinks on the island, there are so many fun places to get fresh fish with an amazing lake view. We usually end up getting ice cream too because hey, it's vacation.

Riding the ferry to and from the island has been Goose's only experience on the boat. You would think that a dog who loves the water would absolutely love riding on a big boat, but you would be mistaken. Goose is not a fan of ferries and we had to do everything possible to keep him calm. He was so well behaved but you could tell that he was happy to be back on solid ground!